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Greenland Festival 2024 Tickets

Greenland Festival 2024 Tickets

Venue: Plan d'eau Sant Marti
1st edition: 2022
City: Palau-del-Vidre (
Address: Plan d'eau Sant Marti, Palau-del-Vidre, France

On this page you will find all information for Greenland Festival 2024 tickets. This festival takes place at Plan d'eau Sant Marti in the city of Palau-del-Vidre (France). The first edition took place 2 years ago in 2022. Greenland Festival's last edition was scheduled from 21 July to 23 July 2023. Greenland Festival's next edition will be from 31 May to 02 June 2024.

Greenland Festival 2024 tickets

The 2024 edition of Greenland Festival will take place from Friday 31 May to Sunday 02 June 2024. We have not found ticket sales websites selling tickets for this edition yet. But this might change soon! For now you might want to check directly on our partners' websites:

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Line-up: Christophe Willem - Doria - Hoshi - MassBeat - Ninho - Ofenbach - PLK - SCH - Superbus - Tiakola - Trinix - Zaho de Sagazan - ...

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Social Media

If you are interested in Greenland Festival's social media, here are Greenland Festival's Facebook page, Greenland Festival's Instagram, and Greenland Festival's official website. You will be able to find posts, photos and videos published by Greenland Festival.

Greenland Festival Past Editions
Greenland Festival 2023
21 July to 23 July 2023
Line-up: Ayron Jones - Benjamin Biolay - Gims - Dadju - Feder - Hugel - Kendji Girac - Maxence - R.Can - Suzane