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Burning Man Tickets

Burning Man Tickets

Venue: Black Rock City
1st edition: 1986
City: Black Rock City (
Address: Black Rock City, Nevada, USA

On this page you will find all information for Burning Man tickets. This festival takes place in the city of Black Rock City (USA). The first edition took place 36 years ago in 1986. Burning Man's last edition was scheduled from 28 August to 05 September 2022.

For now we do not have any Burning Man future edition on our database. But this might change soon and you will be able to find all information for tickets. But now you might want to check directly on our partners' websites:
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Social Media

If you are interested in Burning Man's social media, here are Burning Man's YouTube channel, and Burning Man's official website. You will be able to find posts, photos and videos published by Burning Man.

Burning Man Past Editions
Burning Man 2022
28 August to 05 September 2022