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Festival Terres du Son Tickets

Festival Terres du Son Tickets

Venue: Domaine de Cande
1st edition: 2005
City: Monts (
Address: Domaine de Candé, Monts, France

On this page you will find all information for Festival Terres du Son tickets. This festival takes place at Domaine de Cande in the city of Monts (France). The first edition took place 19 years ago in 2005. Festival Terres du Son's last edition was scheduled from 12 July to 14 July 2024.

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Festival Terres du Son Past Editions
Festival Terres du Son 2024
12 July to 14 July 2024
Line-up: Bigflo et Oli - Justice - Gazo - Jain - Luidji - Feder - Trinix - Irène Drésel - ...
Festival Terres du Son 2023
07 July to 09 July 2023
Line-up: Orelsan - Shaka Ponk - La Femme - Feder - Adé - Biga Ranx - ...
Festival Terres du Son 2022
08 July to 10 July 2022
Line-up: PNL - Martin Solveig - Deluxe - Juliette Armanet - Kungs - Eddy de Pretto - Lulu Van Trapp - 47 Ter - Pogo Car Crash Control - Deluxe - L'Imperatrice - Vianney - Lujipeka - Elisa Do Brasil - ...
Festival Terres du Son 2020
10 July to 12 July 2020
Festival Terres du Son 2019
12 July to 14 July 2019
: 40,000
Line-up: Angele - Therapie TAXI - Gringe - Jeanne Added - Josman - Kompromat - Lou Doillon - Rendez Vous - Oktober Lieber - Jambinai - The Psychotic Monks - Ajate - Péroké - ...
Festival Terres du Son 2018
06 July to 08 July 2018
: 35,000
Line-up: Joris Delacroix - Molecule - Amadou et Mariam - Yuksek - Ghetto Kumbé - Feu! Chatterton - La Mverte - Lysistrata - L'Imperatrice - Calypso Rose - Meute - Preoccupations - J. Bernardt - ...